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Explore the systematically arranged and hand-picked resources from various sources. The resources are arranged by stages of research offering the best available ones. Get exposure to state-of-the-art IT-enabled tools and techniques for your academic research, at every stage. The resources are continuously updated too.
Selection of a Research Topic

Selection of a Research Topic

This is the starting point of a research process. It is all-important to select a topic that inspires you and keeps you motivate…Read More
Preparation of DGIs

Preparation of DGIs

Receive help in preparing both quantitative and qualitative data gathering instruments like questionnaires, interview schedules,…Read More
Data Collection and Processing

Data Collection and Processing

Receive help to collect data from secondary as well as primary sources in set time frames. Avail the expertise in collecting qua…Read More
Data Analysis and Interpretation

Data Analysis and Interpretation

Complete your data analysis within 24 hours. Quantitative and qualitative data analysis services for research projects in all do…Read More


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Research Helpline (RH) is an initiative of Norma Research, the most trusted research and analytics house in Kerala, India. RH extends resources and support to academic researchers and institutions with an interdisciplinary approach. 
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